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ICSI is a specialized form of In Vitro Fertilisation used for male infertility. The test involves the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg. That means reproduction happens outside the body.

Before injecting sperm, the ovaries are stimulated with medication so that the eggs are ready to carry mature sperm.

The ovaries are observed under ultrasound or through blood tests. Accordingly, assistance is provided to the final stage of maturation of the egg.

Doctors detect the eligible sperm and select it for insemination. The selection of sperm goes through a process of judgment by the embryologist, if the mature sperm is carrying intact DNA in it.

In ICSI, the egg as well has to be fully mature. Only then the single sperm is injected directly into the mature egg. The fertilization is observed for 16-18 hours after insemination.

After the process, the doctor transfers the embryo, slowly inside the cervix. Your pregnancy blood test will be approximately come after 14 days of embryo transfer.

The above description is for your basic knowledge about ICSI. Your condition and health will be best judged by Dr. Swarna is a trained Gynecologist, ICOG certified Ultrasound scanner. She has hands-on experience as an embryologist. This is the time to finally give a solution to infertility.

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